Our Organic Distilled Spirits:
Certified and Sealed Excellence

Naturally wholesome, single-variety, and expressive. Grappas from the Alfons Walcher Estates Distillery have received numerous international awards. These grappas are made exclusively from South Tyrolean pomace obtained from fully ripe, healthy harvested grapes. And we are quite particular in choosing where our grapes come from: We insist upon the proper climate, soil characteristics, and right typical flavor of the grapes we use.

We pick up the pomace within six hours of its production, directly at the winery. We then distill it (using the waterbath method) without any intermediate storage – by the way: Only about 10% of all Italian grappas are manufactured using this complicated process. This is the only way to conserve the complex aromas and flavors of a true grappa. We then age the grappa – in part in wooden casks. Aromas may be added, if appropriate. That's what makes our grappas the prize-winning stars of our distillery.

During all of the manufacturing steps, we observe the stringent Quality Guidelines for South Tyrolean grappa and the strict standards for sensory testing of the Testing Commission of the ANAG. Furthermore, we are also a founding member of the Association of South Tyrolean Grappa Producers.

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