Guided Tours through the Walcher Distillery

Guided Tours through Our Distillery Every Saturday & by Appointment

Every Saturday at 5:00 p.m., we conduct guided tours and viewings of our distillery. Just register to participate! Additionally, we are happy to arrange for a special tour or viewing for individuals or groups by appointment.

Gourmets, epicureans, and fans can view all of the technical processes involved in distillation in a high-tech distillery which still respects time-honored traditions. The preparation of the must, the maceration, the alcoholic fermentation process, and the distillation process are all explained by the master distiller, himself. Additionally, we will provide you with our innovative recipes for schnapps and liqueur – e.g., the new BIOstilla line of organic products, our award-winning Grappagnac, our fruit schnapps, and our herbal bitters.

Grappa Seminars and Brandy Seminars (by appointment)

All there is to know about grapy – right from the experts:
Upon request, we can also conduct grappa seminars or special classes on brandies.
Please contact us for more information!