The Basis of Quality of BIOstilla Premium Spirits

2003: The New Company Headquarters– Distilling in and with Mother Nature

Alfons Walcher's sons Theodor and Matthias are now guiding the distillery towards a bright, new future based on the principle of environmental sustainability. This is visible also in the choice of location for the new company headquarters, whose characteristic undulating architectural style has blended into the gently rolling landscape of Frangart/Frangarto since 2003.

The Ecological Use of Resources: The Gravity Principle in the Walcher Distillery

The Walcher Distillery has a surface area of more than 6,000 m2 – most of which is underground. Each individual step in the production process is based upon the gravity principle. The table-grade fruit is received at the top floor, where it is made into must, fermented, and distilled. By means of gravity, alone – no pumps are used – the high-percentage alcohol is led down into the lower floor, where it is allowed to mature until it achieves perfect balance. This maturation process continues for at lest a year. At the Walcher Distillery, especially high-quality brandies are allowed to age for up to six years.

A specially developed cooling system helps to conserve water. Furthermore, all wastes are subjected to strict control before they are allowed to leave the distillery. Together with the gravity principle, this means that our production processes are extremely natural and help to conserve significant quantities of resources.

Organic Farming: The Basis for Quality

Walcher organic fine brandies live from the quality of the raw materials used to produce them. All of the organic fruits we use can be traced back to the original fruit tree. The storage times are as short as possible. And the waterbath distillation process guarantees that the valuable biological essences and flavors are preserved. The resultant alcoholic beverages thus retain their aromatic character and delicious taste.

International Acclaim

The fine brandies of the certified BIOstilla Line of organic products are international rarities. These alcoholic beverages from strictly organic production have already received numerous awards. They are now being marketed not just in South Tyrol, but also in Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Bulgaria, Norway, Slovakia, and Sweden. In the context of Vinmonopolet and System Bolaget, these beverages have succeeded in establishing a reputation for natural products from the South Tyrolean region of Überetsch/Oltradige.

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