The Pristine Nature of South Tyrol

"During the distillation process, we extract nothing Mother Nature hasn't put there, herself."
Theodor Walcher

Natural Taste: Our Goal for Eight Generations

The nature of South Tyrol is rich in wholesome goodness. For eight generations, we have been working to extract the best from the raw materials we employ. Our use of gentle distillation methods has made that possible. Our BIOstilla Line of organic products is the result of centuries of effort, and is increasingly enjoying international recognition.

All Steps are Ecologically Oriented: Organic Farming, Waterbath Distillation, and Sustainable Production

The principles according to which the alcoholic beverages of our BIOstilla Line are produced focus on environmental sustainability. Herbs, berries, and table-grade fruit exclusively from certified organic agricultural farm lands. And the especially gentle waterbath distillation method preserves the delicate flavors and essences contained in the raw materials.

We reject the application of any methods which could negatively affect the taste of our products. Thus, we use only high-quality fruits, and we store our fresh products for as short a time as possible. The entire production process is characterized by an especially environmentally conscious and low-energy manner. That's because organic production demands respect for the environment in all aspects.

Natural Enjoyment: With BIOstilla Spirits, Everything Is Perfect

All of our efforts have only one goal: To enable you to lean back and enjoy a high-quality natural product, secure in the knowledge that it's the best South Tyrol has to offer.

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