Alfons Walcher: Connoisseurs and Craftsmen

The Turmbachhof: An Estates Distillery in the Pristine Nature of South Tyrol

The Turmbachhof, a residential tower built in the 12th century, gives the hamlet of Turmbach (near Eppan/Appiano) its name. It has belonged to the Walcher Family for nine generations, is its ancestral home, and has always been a distillery. The distillation of schnapps, the brandying of fruit according to time-honored recipes, and the production of most has a long tradition here – as does the enjoyment of the resultant high-quality products.

1966: Alfons Walcher Lays the Cornerstone for Commercial Production

Half a century ago, during his course of studies at the famous vinicultural school of St. Michael on the Etsch/Adige in Trentino, Alfons Walcher (born in 1929) discovered his passion for distilling special alcoholic spirits. In 1966 he set up his first pot still (which he purchased himself) in the basement of the Turmbachhof (which belonged to his parents). Using the waterbath method, he began distilling spirits from the Chardonnay and Pinot Noir grapes cultivated here. This represented the beginning of the commercial production of grappa, fruit brandies, herbal bitters, and other delicious Walcher fine spirits.

Sponsors of the South Tyrolean Distillery Culture

The sincere commitment and passion of Alfons Walcher is shared today by his two sons. As the chief of St. Michael/Eppan Winery or as a founding member of the Association of South Tyrolean Grappa Producers – Alfons Walcher is still actively involved in promoting the tradition of drinking and strengthening the culture of enjoying grappa in South Tyrol and the entire region of northern Italy. In the meantime, the Association of South Tyrolean Grappa Producers is now a member of the Instituto Nationale Grappa.