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The Walcher Turmbachhof: Estates & Tasting Shop

The Turmbachhof: The Cradle of Our Distillery Tradition

Here at the Turmbachhof, the distillery is a family tradition. And it has been since the Middle Ages. This is also where Alfons Walcher set up his first distillation apparatus, thus laying the foundation for the commercial production of alcoholic spirits. And you can taste the reason why: The grapes and apples which thrive here at the Turmbachhof display the highest quality. Today, we continue this tradition with our sales and tasting shop at the Turmbachhof.

Grapes We Grow Ourselves – At a Location Boasting Ideal Climatic Conditions

The grapes we grow here under the ideal climatic conditions of the Turmbachhof – in the middle of the largest contiguous wine-growing region of South Tyrol – display top quality. We use them for various products, and some are distilled to make grappa, brandies, and schnapps. The pomace has the highest quality: From grapes grown using integrated cultivation methods, and with a freshness seldom to be found in this highly perishable by-product of wine-making.

Our Own Fruit: Our Standard for the Quality of Delivered Raw Materials

The fruits we grow ourselves are the standard according to which we judge all of the other raw materials we purchase from external suppliers. Only the best table-grade fruit derived from agricultural land cultivated according to ecological principles – integrated or organic– is good enough to enter our facility. That's how we ensure the clear aromas, balanced flavor, and clean after-taste typical of our products.