Innovative Products: Organic Taste Treats

Innovation Means also Sustainability

For us, "innovation" means understanding current trends and recognizing the direction in which they are moving. We take that very seriously. In all areas. This can be seen in the future-oriented and sustainable planning of our facilities – which employ the gravity principle and especially gentle production processes so as to protect the environment and to ensure that our products are as natural as possible.

Innovation Means Wholesomeness

A business that wants to think and act in a future-oriented fashion must give top priority to the health and well-being of its customers. We do that. Our BIOstilla Line of organic products is the logical consequence of this attitude. Our BIOstilla Limoncello, for example, is innovative and natural, made as it is using only guaranteed unsprayed organic lemons. It contains less sugar, but more lemon juice and aromatic substances from the peel, and so offers unbeatably great taste and wholesomeness besides.

Innovation Means Re-Interpreting Tradition

We love in particular innovations in taste. That's why our distillery master is constantly experimenting with tried-and-true liqueur and schnapps recipes, creating astonishingly nuanced new beverages reflecting both Alpine and Mediterranean influences. Familiar flavors gain additional dimensions, making every moment of drinking pleasure something to cherish and savor.


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