Production: Organic Quality and Sensitivity

Rule Number 1: Organic Methods – And Nothing Else

The quality of our BIOstilla fine brandies begins right with the cultivation of the raw materials. Nothing but organics are employed for our BIOstilla Line. That's because we distill only produce from selected organic farmers and what Mother Nature provides us with. In doing so, we apply stringent production guidelines in order to retain the natural aromas of the produce. To achieve this, we remove the core and the stone, the stems in the pomace, and employ the fastest and most-gentle processing techniques. Great delicacy is exercised in every step of the process. And top quality, too: That's because only family-run operations like ours are able to delivery really high quality: That's because we don't have enough room to store goods for long periods of time and therefore have no choice but to use only the freshest raw materials.

Rule Number 2: The Master Distiller's Subtlety and Know-How Are What Make the Difference

Mathias Walcher is our Master Distiller and the one who guarantees the quality of our products. His experience and knowledge of distillation processes are what matters, and he has the final word. It is he who determines whether a high or a low percentage of alcohol is required. It is also he who decides whether the discontinuous or the continuous distillation method is to be used, when to separate the foreshot and feint, and whether the distilled spirits are to be bottled "pure" or with enhanced aroma. We distill using waterbath retorts; this is a gentle method requiring top-quality raw materials as well as great delicacy and sensitivity on the part of the master distiller. Only 10% of all Italian grappa is produced in the so-called "Bagnomaria."

Rule Number 3: Experience Makes a Difference

You can taste our experience: The lemon peels from organic farmlands give our Bio-Limoncello its special flavor. The barrique casks from French Limousine oaks give our beverages an elegant note. The magnum bottle and the miniature create an exclusive air. Yes, our special processing methods and techniques make our organic distilled spirits something unique and unusual – the perfect gifts for special occasions.


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